1. Introduction to Nicholson Business Services

Nicholson Business Services is owned and operated by Debra Nicholson, and provides an array of items that help small businesses be efficient and effective, build sound financial practices, and operate with confidence. Our services range from set up of QuickBooks for start ups; Full Charge accounting; bank reconciliations; preparation and filing of compliance forms; managing Human Resources and Payroll Services; managing insurance certificates, lease agreements, asset management, customer and vendor contracts; billing, and payment processing; credit card processing; management reporting; and budget to actual, profit, debt to asset and a variety of other ratio analysis. We are full charge and basically turn raw transaction data into reliable Financial Statements, and export those for analysis.

Accounting and Communications breaks down current services available. Our business communications link offer a variety of services that help with development. All told, we can resolve accounting issues and deliver training on internal controls that map a small company’s processes when requested. We provide business correspondence, conduct conference calls, training on Quickbooks, create Power Point presentations; build and maintain web sites (static and CMS), provide web editing; and create graphic art, ad copy, and audio/visual services for the production of small Quicktime movies or Mp4 compressed and uploaded onto your website to advertise your goods and services. We can also upload to other sites such as youtube.com, and yelp!

Our Getting Started: Biz Documents provide a list of documents we will need to design and set up your accounting system.

Business References and Transcripts link provides business references from former client, resumes, pictures, educational transcripts, statement of purpose (Debra just completed an MA in Education in the Instructional Technologies to add to her BA in Communications, and over 28 credits in GAAP Accounting, Auditing, Business Law, Math for Managers, and Principles of Management earned through continuing education at Johns Hopkins University, Golden Gate University, City College of San Francisco, after many years of practice in for-profit,  non-profit, education institutions and government agencies. At this site you will find a free link to her Business Training,  other links to her creative sites as well.

Creative Portfolio We combine learning theory to multimedia skills to build eLearning systems for business training development as well as video documentaries of local artists to find a Place for the Arts to Stay on our https://youtube.com for Ear Candle Productions. We took advantage of a Willie Brown Mayoral Digital Directions Scholarship offered in 2005-2006 to enhance our already apt video/web skills to produce https://noodlebrain.com, a basic education website built soon after I earned my teaching credential and communication degree to help people to learn the rules of civility and enhance their quality of life. We also have a series of Channel 29 shows introducing Noodle Brain Productions bringing to live TV Broadcast around the country to come to remind them of the rules of integrity and Artistotles’ Three Offices of Truth: Ethics, Logic and Passion. Here are free links to our MA Education project and Design Documents as an example of skills and an offer to High School Grads who want to do their own thing and still be compliant.
https://earcandleproductions.com/sam/story.html and https://earcandleproductions.com/DD.pdf

Our Compliance links provide links to important sites where business owners have access to information they will need to follow regulatory laws. We will be adding more links to services as we develop this new CMS site! Learn how to comply with various process and reporting requirements mandated by IRS, DIR, EDD, FTB, BOE, and CCSF that help small businesses stay on track with employer-employee relations, work related items, sales taxes, payroll taxes, franchise tax board issues, etc.

We will be offering instructional design, training and video production as soon as we are finished school. We might be able to take on small projects during, or larger projects in summer and winter breaks. Here is my new card.

San Francisco Business Certificate #942900

Email us at debra@nicholsonbusinessservices.com and we will reply within 24 hours.