2. Accounting and Communications


The focus of NBS is twofold:

Accounting and Communications

Through Accounting we transform your raw data into reliable Financial Statements, Accounts Receivables/Payable Reports, and Historical General Ledger Activity Reports for Owners, Investors, Managers, CPA’s, and Families. We educate you to understand the process, find ways that support your management of the process, and to access the usefulness of these reports. Proper use of these reports enable us to determine the bottom line for tax purposes, as well as track trends, prepare budgets, allocate funds to liabilities, direct investments, interact with CPA’s, and other consultants confidently. The Financial Statements also provide a legal record for transference of assets in estate planning.

Financial Statements consist of a Balance Sheet of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth, and a Revenue Statement that tracks sources of Income, Direct Costs of Income, and Overhead Expenses.

Through Communications we design the framework from which you can see your equity at work, resolving any bureaucratic errors that may arise from time to time in a professional and efficient manner. We can put human resource processes in place: process new hire forms, set up payroll information, health benefits, terminations. And we are adding new skills to assist in marketing, education, and website development as we grow.

Currently we are proficient on Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and other Creative Suite tools. Need interviews, editing, writing, audio/video productions compressed to mp4s for your website? We just added WordPress to our basket for Web Design! Just send us text, artwork and photos! We can do that for you!

Whether you are a business that requires information to operate successfully, or a family that wants to keep all of your eggs in one basket, (sources of cash, uses of cash, budget) NBS provides you with the tools and the skills to get these needs met.

Please look over the following services and note those applicable to your needs:


  • Generate and complete applications and process requirements for Business Licenses, Bank Accounts, Payroll, IRS, EDD, Local Business Taxes, Sales Taxes, and Workman’s Compensation for timely reporting
  • Develop and maintain chart of accounts as your business/estate grows
  • Translate raw data from checkbooks, charge accounts, investments, cash receipts and journal entry items into reliable and informative Financial Statements
  • Set up Employee Benefits, and run Payroll or process your payroll service data for employees and household help
  • Prepare Quarterly/Annual Payroll reports, including 1099’s and W-2’s
  • Reconcile monthly Bank Statements, manage Billing, Accounts Receivables and Contractors Service Agreements, W-9’s, Accounts Payables, print checks, reimbursement of cash receipts, post and reconcile credit card statements, set up accounts for draws and loans to and from the company/estate, when applicable
  • Determine Sales Tax obligations and prepare Sales Tax Reports
  • Project Analysis using Excel. Willing to learn new technology, software skills
  • Maintain communications with your CPA, CFO as needed.
  • General monthly reports: Financials, AR/AP, GL, CF, Excel Spreadsheets
  • Generate third party contract billings, Sales Invoices, Statements, collections
  • Process Adjusting and Closing Journal Entries
  • Training on accounting processes, GAAP conformance, and be available for audits


  • Project Manager,  Coordinator
  • Communications
  • Internet or Library Research and Scheduling
  • Audio/Video Development, Mp3, Mp4s
  • Encore set top TV to DVD production.

All outside work is paid at the time of service so be sure that your budget and payment policies will allow it. Accounting fees are negotiable depending on complexity of transaction data. Please email debra@nicholsonbusinessservices.com to start the conversation regarding your needs. We can work on our location or yours.

To prepare for accounting services, we provide a list of items you need to get started. As you look it over and gather the appropriate materials and data, please feel free to ask questions.

Fees are $55 per hour or project based.

Thanks again for learning about Nicholson Business Services. I hope we can be of service in the future! We are a word of mouth business and are open to your referrals.


Debra Nicholson Bassham

GAAP Consultant|Training Specialist |ADDIE Articulate Storyline2  Developer